Loscon Quotes 1999-2002

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Comments made at Loscon (mostly by panelists), a yearly science-fiction convention in the Los Angeles area. During these years, it was held at the Burbank Airport Hilton in, well, Burbank.

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Loscon 26 (1999)

Guest of honor: Connie Willis

Was it me, or was it the sheep?*
J. Michael Straczynski, 28-Nov-1999
This is a weird-ass convention, man.
J. Michael Straczynski, 28-Nov-1999

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Loscon 27 (2000)

Guest of honor: Orson Scott Card

No, it was not intentional. But it is now.
J. Michael Straczynski, 26-Nov-2000
Yes, Peter [Jurasik] is a refugee from Transylvania. He came to the U.S. in a small plastic bag... (audience member holds up the bag*)
J. Michael Straczynski, 26-Nov-2000
They don't get DSL in a castle
Vera Nazarian, 26-Nov-2000

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Loscon 28 (2001)

Guest of honor: Patricia C. Wrede

They kind of hunkered down, moved toward each other, there was this blur of shit, and then somebody fell down. (describing 11th-century combat)
Dr. Bill Ernoehazy, 24-Nov-2001
It was sort of like Babylon 5 on steroids. (describing Dallas plotlines)
Dr. Bill Ernoehazy, 24-Nov-2001
She's like the world's living expert on the seaweed-eating sheep of Orkney.
Laura Frankos, 24-Nov-2001
I don't understand you!
I don't understand me either, dear.
audience member, Daniel Spector, 24-Nov-2001
The police said, “This is a traffic barrier, not a phallus.” And they said, “But it's been granting our prayers.”
Kage Baker, 24-Nov-2001
[We could] take our clothes off and run around like chickens.
Dr. Lynn Maner, 25-Nov-2001
Are you afraid of us playing God?
No, I'm not. For one thing, I don't believe in God.
J. Neil Schulman, James Killus, 25-Nov-2001
If laws were outlawed, only outlaws would obey laws.
Karen Anderson, 25-Nov-2001

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Loscon 29 (2002)

Guest of honor: David Weber

"My child support doubled overnight! What happened?!" (on the reaction of Buffy's dad to the appearance of Dawn)
T. Galloway 30-Nov-2002
If you have Spike in your closet, I need to know where you live.
Lorian Gray 30-Nov-2002
Buffy the Vampire Cuddler . . . I'm now picturing Buffy the Care Bear.
audience member 30-Nov-2002

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*There was a running gag about “Connie Willis’ flock” (possibly in reference to Bellwether) and many of her fans wore headbands with sheep ears during the convention.

**JMS opened the Q&A panel at Loscon explaining that to encourage people to ask questions, he would give out prizes for the two best questions of the day. He pulled a platinum edition of Rising Stars #1 and an extremely limited edition CD of an episode of City of Dreams out of a yellow Tower Records bag, continuing with, “and the dumbest question... gets the bag.” About halfway through the panel, someone asked, “Is there going to be any more Captain Power, and when are the DVDs coming out?” JMS looked at him, then held out the bag.