The Luebke Baby Shower

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While technically a baby shower for the Luebkes, the travel distances involved lent themselves to a larger, coed party. And speaking of travel, driving 400 miles overnight to get there lent itself to some rather interesting quotes as well. (July 13-14, 2001)

Going Up (Friday, July 13 and early morning Saturday)

He's an asshole, that's what makes him so bitter.
Daniel, 8:24pm
Oh yeah. Potassium fog. That makes it all better.
Jason, 1:53am (Sat. by now)
"That's the announcemental we."
"Shit, does that mean I have to sit up?"
Katie & Daniel, 2:06am

The Party (Saturday, July 14)

I don't like historical anality.
Katie, 2:40pm
That's right, I'm drinking for two now!
Stacy, 2:51pm
By interesting, you mean socially inept, right?
Somebody on the patio, 3:05pm
Either that or a big chunk of floating couch.
Jim (Luebke), 3:17pm
I'm sorry, Anakin, I put your soul on 21-red.
Stacy, 3:19pm
That's because nipples are funny!
Mitch, 3:22pm
"A wise man knows when to stop feeding the fire."
"And a foolish man has no hair on his face."
Jason & Mitch, 3:51pm
"What, Charlton Heston kissing?"
"Don't worry, not you, Jim."
Jim & Mitch, 4:05pm
Got any epoxy? We could make Jason a hood ornament.
Mitch, 4:10pm
It's just so weird when, like, people I know start . . . spawning.
Liz, 4:12
Were you the purple-haired guy at the wedding?
Debbie (to Jason), 4:17pm
'Cause nothing says John Lennon like a good ass joke.
Mitch, 4:57pm
"This is to clean Stacy's nipples."
"Fortunately, they gave her another six."
"Yeah, we went to the pet store and were inspired."
Jennie, Jim & Mitch, 4:59pm
There's something wrong with America when football and big boobs don't work.
Minda, 5:38pm
I'm tired of sitting on my own lap, thank you.
Stacy, 5:46pm
So this is educational crap.
Stacy, 7:50pm

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