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I didn't bring a roster ...
I have one.
Put 'er in charge of something!
Jan W., Nancy K., Len W., 19:18 8-Jan-2003
It's like work hardening.
Yeah, it's a toe hardening program.
D.C., D.M., 4:05 13-Jan-2003
I just think snot is one of the most amazing things. Where does it come from? And it just keeps coming.
D.M., 1:16 28-Jan-2003
Oh, I'm sorry! I'm coughing in your ear and I'm pressing buttons on you!
D.M., 12:50 29-Jan-2003
OK, I've ratted on two people since I got back from lunch, I don't think I need to go all the way.
D.C., 12:51 29-Jan-2003
Is there numbing sauce involved?
C.L., 1:29 4-Feb-2003
'Cause there was one night I was here till 6:00 doing this dude . . . Gawd that sounds bad.
Katie, ~10:45 7-Feb-2003
So should we have picked up on him? . . . Ohmigod. First I'm here till 6:00 doing him, now I'm picking up on him.
Katie, ~11:53 7-Feb-2003
And now, how to spot dangerous Clow cards from quite a long way away. Number one: The Lock. (in British accent)
Jason, 19:45 24-Feb-2003
Quotician's research note: The original phrase reads 'recognise', not 'spot'.
There's always Brahms' "Dance in an Apartment."
(puzzled look)
Brahms? "Waltz in A Flat?"
Jim A., Dean S., 09:18 1-Feb-2003
Quotician's cultural note: This is the first time I (and obviously Dean) had ever heard this joke. It was hilarious at the time. I have no idea how prevalent it is in the 'general market,' as it were, and so no idea how funny it would be to other people.
I just talked to Dr. Hoang.
Hoang Lo?
It's a she.
Oh. Shi Hoang Lo?
D.C., D.M., ~12:00 3-Mar-2003
Speaking of dead puppies, I'm gonna go visit [L.C.].
D.M., 4:33 5-Mar-2003

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Whom do you worship? Buddha or cat?
A.S., 1:11 22-Apr-2003
You guys can sexually harass me.
D.M., ~3:45 28-Apr-2003
Gee, you're in a good mood. Can we just give you a Lakers enema every day?
D.C., 5:26 15-May-2003
You're just not touching yourself enough.
L.A., 1:07 16-May-2003
That means I can get the whip out.
N.L., 3:07 17-Jun-2003

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"4CUE," indeed. The car in front, anyway.
Yeah, 4CUE up the ass. With a lawnmower.
I was thinking of something large and painful.
There's always a massive backhoe.
Kelson, Katie, 3:40 21-Jun-2003
You know what that sounds like up here? A wa wa wa, a wa wa wa.
Jakob Dylan, ~22:00 16-Jul-2003
My sarcasm has been known before to knock over appliances.
Andrea 15-Aug-2003
I would prefer a spoon to eating this doggy style.
Daniel, ~21:30 13-Sep-2003
I just can't spell today.
Kelson, Katie, ~18:50 20-Sep-2003
Sold! For six dollars and seventy-six seconds to corellian_imports! (smacks self upside the head) Cents.
Kelson, 19:10 20-Sep-2003

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Whereas California is a big state, and even with its economy in the toilet, it's still a big toilet.
Kelson, 18:02 23-Sep-2003
(Headlights blast the rearview mirror) Jesus!
No, I don't think so... No halogen lamps here.
Kelson, Katie, 20:41 24-Sep-2003
What the heck could make a crater like that?
A great big other... thing.
Sean, Jim, 22:24 10-Oct-2003
Because she wouldn't want to go outside to smoke.
Yeah, she might get smoke in her smoke.
Katie, Kelson, 20:00 26-Oct-2003

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