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Cuyamaca State Park: In the mountains east of San Diego, a few miles south of Julian. And a campground with the amusing name of Paso Picacho. No one expected the cold to which UCI's honors students and alumni were subjected, nor the fog, nor the rain. But there was still plenty to laugh about! (April 6-7, 2002)

Incidentally, if you were there on the trip and you have a good quote that we missed, please send it along with who said it (if known) and more-or-less when (leaving it at Saturday/Sunday morning/afternoon/evening is fine) to webmaster@hyperborea.org.

Cold Lunch

I used to never wear pants.
Nathan, 11:29 6-Apr-2002
I left some brain cells behind ...
Andrew, 11:42 6-Apr-2002
Use a mini plate — a platelet.
Kelson, 11:48 6-Apr-2002
We can't have scones running around unzipped, can we?
Cindy, 11:49 6-Apr-2002

Fire and Games

I'm only a partial asshole.
Roxanne, 16:18 6-Apr-2002
It hit the damn tree! Is the tree on your team?
Kelson, 16:22 6-Apr-2002
That's my bitch!
That's a nice bitch you got there . . . wish I had me a bitch like that.
You can borrow my bitch.
I can borrow your bitch? How nice of you!
Roxanne, Maggie A., 16:25 6-Apr-2002
I am human.
Erkki, 16:35 6-Apr-2002
Roast leg until warm. Turn. Repeat.
Ew. Roast leg of linguistics major.
Katie, Cindy S., 16:46 6-Apr-2002
Stop looking at the girly man.
Matt, 17:35 6-Apr-2002
I know, Frankie, but these three men are all I got!
Roxanne, 17:51 6-Apr-2002

Into the Night

I wonder if it's a dire kid!
Cindy, 22:44 6-Apr-2002
There's one that sounds like that, isn't there? Kaplakstan?
Tim, 23:44 6-Apr-2002
Yeah, when I was trying to sleep, I heard, 'Put your pants on!'
Annie 6-Apr-2002

Hobbit Sacrifice

Hobbits charging into battle ... bring in the hobbit navy!
Chris, 09:50 7-Apr-2002
Come to me, my hobbit!
Chris, 11:28 7-Apr-2002
We, like, sacrificed a banana to the wind gods.
Bijma, 12:12 7-Apr-2002
It's a whole field of sea urchins.
Sherry, 13:03 7-Apr-2002

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