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Get 60 or so honors students and alumni together for a rainy weekend camping in the desert (yes, it does rain in the desert), and you're sure to get a number of funny, amusing, or just plain embarrassing comments. Our intrepid team of quote collectors brings you this selection from the UCI Campuswide Honors Program's annual trek to the (more-or-less) wilderness of... Joshua Tree 2001! (April 7-8, 2001)

Incidentally, if you were there on the trip and you have a good quote that we missed, please send it along with who said it (if known) and more-or-less when (leaving it at Saturday/Sunday morning/afternoon/evening is fine) to

The Arrival

Ohh my shit!
Reena, 11:35
Ahhh! Like a cool alcohol breeze.
Sepi, 14:55
Cow extract?
Yes. Essence of cow.
Kelson & Jason, 17:20
Vegetarians always make you feel guilty. They walk around angry all the time 'cause they're constipated.
Roger, 17:21

Late Afternoon Campfire

Note to self: do not get in that position again.
Sara, 17:31
Bring it, Mother Nature!!
Reena, 17:40
How stupid can CHP people be?
Alice, 17:50
My jacket is strangling me again.
Katie, 17:55
Something really interesting and really warm has to happen for me to make it to 8:00.
Sara, 18:00
[You need] a designated lap buddy.
David (to Chris), 18:06
Erkki looks like a Jawa.
Ben, 18:09
I warm laps everywhere.
Sara, 18:14
He does! He's always bloody!
Lauren (about Chris), 18:21
Reena has 4 on top and 2 on the bottom?!
Sara, 18:26
You have uncooperative pants . . . ?
Katie, 18:31
(singing) Bleed on Me...!
Kelson, 18:33
I'm very versatile — I'm both a smartass and a dumbass.
Andrew, time unknown.

Into the Evening

I'd hate to meet Erkki on Judgment Day.
Cindy, ~19:30
Welcome to our stumble abode.
Jason, ~19:50
"So here we have a sneeze of planets."
"So we're celestial snot!"
Roger & Katie, ~20:00
I am consuming your shoelace. Like a piece of spaghetti.
Brian, 20:14
Or was it Christina Aguilera that did Pepsi and Britney Spears that did Coke?
Brian, 20:46
Not exactly a quote, but someone came up with the rock band name "Sanity Pudding," in the spirit of "Fuzzy Lizzard."

Mysterious Voices in the Night

She's like a little snowman... from hell!
Cat, can you unzip me?
Nothing is going down Oliver's pants.
"I think this is just a pretext for you all to get it down."
"You know what, we don't need a pretext. Cat, come here!"

Sunday: The Trip Home

Humans are not made to suck indefinitely.
Katie, 13:50

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