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I got the Francisco... which has no priceherder... Priceherder?
Kelson, 2-Jan-2001
“So the sauce is basically going to be —”
“I hope not!”
Kelson & Katie, 4-Feb-2001
I'm going to put the lizard back in my hair and hope it stays there this time.
Katie, 23-Feb-2001
So the freeways are like a giant piece of candy corn.
Katie, 23-Feb-2001
“With one look, I can...” run over a Diet Coke can.
Kelson, 23-Feb-2001
Am I the designated “that”-er?
Katie, 24-Feb-2001
Okay, here's the situation: You're being fried. Do you want to wear socks or not?
Jason, 1-Mar-2001
Your HTML is chewy.
Katie, 1-Mar-2001
Never drive faster than your guardian waffle can fly.
Katie, 5-Mar-2001
I see a trash can in the clouds.
Katie, 6-Mar-2001
Somebody help me, or I'm going to have a Michael Jackson finger.
Jason, 8-Mar-2001
Is this the one where Gary was pregnant?
Jason, 8-Mar-2001
Swedish-Asian Autobot?
(imitating Transformer noises) Bork bork bork!
Lutefisk, transform!
Kelson and Katie, 10-Mar-2001
I can't believe it's not blubber.
Kelson, 10-Mar-2001
Mmm, chicken cookies.
Katie, 10-Mar-2001
Ignorance is Blitzkrieg?
Wayne, 11-Mar-2001
“Mmm, shredded tarp. Just the thing for breakfast.”
“How about frosted shredded tarp?”
“It's magically disgusting.”
Katie & Kelson, 12-Mar-2001
Termites®. They're Just So UsefulTM.
Katie, 13-Mar-2001
The temple of bread?
Katie, 16-Mar-2001
None of those chaotic dishes!
Kelson, 16-Mar-2001
foreach ($results as $hit) {
      print $hit;
Quote Search source code (by Kelson), 18-Mar-2001 - noticed humor value 22-Mar-2001
Ka: It's your prerogative to talk about puking.
Ka: Did you just think of owls?
(More laughter) (thump!)
Ke: At least it was only the Kleenex box!
Katie & Kelson, 20-Mar-2001

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“This is the kind of car you can stand up in and throw things at people.”
“That's right, who wants to go first?” (pantomiming throwing somebody out the sunroof)
Katie & Jason, 25-Mar-2001
“Moose is Potter.”
“Elizabeth is Star Wars.”
Jason & Kelson, 25-Mar-2001
The Uncanny X-Monks (re: AD&D character generation)
Kelson, 4-Apr-2001
It's an anthropomorphic purple crayon.
Kelson, 7-Apr-2001
'Course, do orcs get married, or do they just randomly f**k?
Katie, 12-Apr-2001
It's involuntary chocolate.
Kelson, 12-Apr-2001
It's like shaving my hand...
Kelson, 20-Apr-2001
Soap Scum! Woo hoo!
Kelson, 22-Apr-2001
You know what? I can probably eat my shuttle with a spoon.
Katie, 24-Apr-2001
At least I got “nothing” right.
Kelson, 25-Apr-2001
I believe I scared my shoelaces.
Wayne, 27-May-2001
Cause if it was moving you could make it into a Pop-Tart or something.
A.B., 30-May-2001
“I don't accept charity.”
“Well screw you too! ... that was, of course, Charity speaking.”
“To Chastity?”
Wayne, Katie, & Kelson, ~7:35pm 6-Jun-2001
Katie, 11:45pm 6-Jun-2001
Uh-oh, the bees are falling! The bees are falling!
K.M., 15-Jun-2001
Come on over here, Goth kids, we're giving away clove cigarettes and talking about ferrets!
Broon (performer at the Renaissance Faire), 17-Jun-2001
I'm completely incapacitated, and yet I'm still in control of you, you freak!
Broon (performer at the Renaissance Faire), 17-Jun-2001
“I just got shot in the head.” “That's great, sweetie.”
A.B., 18-Jun-2001
It's like a big bat orgy.
A.B., date lost
I wear a marinara deodorant!
A.B., date lost

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“I charmed the ass . . . he's an ass, and I charmed him.”
“What does that make you, a witch?”
“No, she's an ass charmer.”
“The ass whisperer.”
A.B., K.M., Katie, 27-Jun-2001
What are you doing, you crazy pantaloon-wearing hawk?
A.B., 27-Jun-2001
By which I do not mean the cat.
Katie, 8pm 27-Jun-2001
“Did you want top, or—”
“I'd like to be on the bottom.”
Kelson and Jason, ~11:15am 7-Jul-2001
It's like playing Twister with a refrigerator.
Katie, 11:20am 7-Jul-2001
“It's like giving birth!”
“Congratulations, it's a fridge!”
“Breathe... breathe... push!”
Jason and Katie, 12:15pm 7-Jul-2001
I got a “Cherry,” a “Strawberry Lime,” and a “Bug Juice.” You want to get a “Happy” too?
Katie, 8-Jul-2001
I know God. And he can kick my ass at Dance Dance Revolution.
Justin (playing off a line by Daniel), ~7pm 19-Jul-2001
“We made it! ... Did you look at my bar?!”
“Who's we, white boy?”
Justin & Daniel, ~6:45pm 26-Jul-2001
If I'm gonna suck, it's gonna be my own fault.
Daniel, ~7p 26-Jul-2001
Don't they have boys on this?
Justin, 7:01pm 26-Jul-2001
Do you want some dog feet for the baby to nibble on?
J.R., 20-Jul-2001
Well, it's just that — I got my wrist attached to my head now, and....
Katie, 8:54pm 1-Aug-2001
I'm not a blob, I'm a bird.
Sherry, 10:11pm 1-Aug-2001
However, you don't get Ultimate Spider-Man by adding a tomato.
Kelson, 17:44 7-Aug-2001
Ah, the eternal... thingy.
Katie, 10:22pm 8-Aug-2001
“There's no bettervere (better beer) in the land than ...”
“Bedevere's brew!”
Jason & Kelson, 10:45pm 8-Aug-2001
And I was gonna show you guys something that was death on an easier level.
Daniel, ~6:20pm 9-Aug-2001
Compared to other places, these are pretty high-class poppers (paupers).
Wayne (about Arby's jalapeño poppers), 7:40pm 30-Aug-2001
It's the Potato Elemental!
Kelson, 7:50pm 30-Aug-2001
“A lute-free Frappuccino.”
“I ordered a Bud Lute!”
Kelson & Katie, 1-Sep-2001 1:40a
You mean I could start a land war in Asia?
Marisa, 1-Sep-2001
I appreciate the “real shit.”
Brian F, 1-Sep-2001
Rice with pervert . . . yeah, uh-huh.
Andrea, 20:50 5-Sep-2001
“Well how many times have we lost our innocence, anyway?”
“America is the biggest revirginization country that —” (Kelson laughing and reaching for a piece of paper) “— are you writing that down? — that ever walked the earth!”
Kelson and Katie, 1:20am 17-Sep-2001

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You can't take Occam's Razor on a plane anymore.
Kelson, ~10pm 24-Sep-2001
Now it's us at 1:00 but at least we don't have a honky alarm.
Katie, 12:54am 29-Sep-2001
“Oh, bloody... blood.”
“Bloody blood?!”
“And buttered onions.”
Kelson & Katie, 1:40am 10-Oct-2001
You can shove the pager in a drawer and no one's going to charge you with pager abuse.
Katie, 9:50pm 9-Oct-2001
“Diet Red.”
“Sure, that's red.”
Kelson & Daniel, 21:54 12-Oct-2001
Diet Zest — fully clean.
Katie, 20:20 12-Oct-2001
Once you took your eyes off, he got scared of you.
Stacy, 21:20 4-Nov-2001
Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your thorax.
Till you're thore.
Justin, Wayne, 20:30 9-Nov-2001
To “Shake your Booty”
Wow, you're so-and-so! Can I shake your neck?
Justin, 21:07 9-Nov-2001
Hubba Hubba Zot Zone ...
Katie, 21:20 9-Nov-2001
I could find a place to pee /Then where would our story be?
Katie, 22:31 9-Nov-2001
He was modulating his consonants.
Isn't that illegal in 48 states?
Katie, Justin, 22:43 9-Nov-2001
Hoshi and the slug.
It sounds like a band.
Katie, Justin, 22:58 9-Nov-2001
Your pants are not made of potassium fog.
Kelson, 00:19 13-Nov-2001
Quickly, Justin, transform into Immense Trojan Jesus!
Justin, 22:02 16-Nov-2001
Yeah, but then you turn around and stuff cookies down my gullet. Not that I remember complaining about that.
Jason, 21:37 17-Nov-2001
Do we have to watch the vomiting wand again?
Jason, 21:40 19-Nov-2001
At least if it was Farscape explicit sex, it'd still be on topic.
Lee ~21:30 22-Nov-2001
“What happen?” “Someone set us up the bunnies.”
Kelson, 23:25 23-Nov-2001
I've created a monster.
No, you've just unleashed him.
Katie, Justin, 22:48 14-Dec-2001

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I don't remember how the conversation led up to this, but the reference to owls is from Gavin Edwards' When a Man Loves a Walnut and Even More Misheard Lyrics, which we'd just been flipping through the day before. Someone had misheard the Beach Boys' “Help Me, Rhonda.” The actual line:

Since she put me down, I been all through it in my head.

Someone misheard it as:

Since you put me down, there's been owls puking in my bed.

The quote is on page 90, accompanied by an illustration of a man opening the door to his bedroom to the sight of five owls, puking on his bed.


This was about the interpretation of the quote that begins Katie's science-fantasy story, A Promise Kept.

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