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Many future Flashes joined in the thousand-year battle against the Cobalt Blues. Some were identified, some were already known, but many were seen only for a few panels, often with no name given.

Identified Flashes

Unidentfied Flashes

Partly because of the sheer number, and partly because many of the poses just aren’t good candidates for cleaning up, I’m posting the scans unaltered (except for size and color balance).

[Flash of 2591: Male caucasian, Rocketeer-style red and brown outfit with bare arms, lightning motif and spiky helmet] [Impulse and Thondor Allen, large 5th-generation Jupiter colonist with blue+white costume, red gloves, symbol on chest] [Flash: female caucasian(?), red swimsuit-style costume with black hood w/ earpiece wings, shoulder pads & lightning symbol down front, yellow knee-high boots & visor] [Two Flashes: Male blond caucasian with yellow costume & symbol on chest, red gloves + mask with goggles, male African with red costume, yellow lightning bolt diagonally across chest, silver gloves + hood w/ earpiece wings] [Two Flashes, headshots: male caucasian(?) w/ black hair + red costume w/ yellow visor (symbol on earpiece), male caucasian(?) w/ black beard + gray costume w/ green visor (symbol on forehead)] [Flash: male African with red+white diagonally-jagged costume & yellow visor, symbol on shoulder] [Flash: male, blue_white jagged costume w/ shoulder pads, visor] [Flash: female long-haired blonde, blue+black jagged costume, yellow boots+gloves] Flash: female caucasian(?), red swimsuit-style costume with black hood w/ earpiece wings, shoulder pads & lightning symbol down front, brown knee-high boots & visor - may be same as 3rd image [Flash: Female pony-tailed blonde causasian, white costume with blue-green gloves and lightning symbol down chest, cowl around neck blue visor] [Agent Flashling (impish, yellow-and-purple Impulse-style costume with bat-mite-like hood), unnamed male caucasian Flash with light yellow Barry-like costume w/  brown shoulderpads & gloves] [Flash: male black hair, red+black Green Lantern-style costume  with yellow gauntlets + visor, symbol on chest - may be same as in headshot image above] [Flash of 2591 (spiky Rocketeer) and Jesse Quick face a Cobalt Blue] [28th-Century Flash Jace Allen (male caucasian w/ red+black shirt w/ blue pants and streamlined Mercury helmet) hits a Cobalt Blue with an unidentified Flash (male caucasian, red hair, red costume w/ black pants, silver soulderpads, yellow lightning on chest, pointy mask) in background] [853rd-Century Flash John Fox (male caucasian, black hair, red costume w/ diagonal jagged motif and yellow gloves & boots) faces a Cobalt Blue over an unidentified injured Flash (male, red costume w/ hood & earpieces, black shoulder pads, yellow lightning down chest] [An army of Flashes possessed by the original Cobalt Blue]

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • The Flash (second series) #145–150 (February–July 1999) - Paul Pelletier and Vince Russell

Significant Appearances

  • Flash #145–150 (February–July 1999): Chain Lightning, Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn

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