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[Jace Allen - Flash #145]
Real Name: Jace Allen
Known Relatives: Blaine (father)
Base of Operations: Central City, Earth
First Appearance: (as Jace) Speed Force #1 (November 1997); (as the Flash) The Flash (second series) #145 (February 1999)
Created by: Mark Waid & Brian Augustyn, Steve Lightle (see note)
Origin: 2754
Flashes: Previous (Blaine Allen) Next (Kryad)

Jace Allen had a very personal dispute with his era’s Cobalt Blue. When he was a child on Petrus, she had infected him with a virus to end the Allen bloodline and a 700-year feud. In a last-ditch effort, Jace’s father Blaine, the Flash of his era, froze the entire microplanet to buy time in which to save him. He ultimately took his son into the Speed Force, hoping it would take him. Instead, it took Blaine, and gave super-speed to Jace, enabling him to shake off the virus and survive (Speed Force, 1997). In memory of his father, Jace took up the mantle of the Flash, this Cobalt Blue remaining one of his major foes until Jesse Quick recruited him into an all-out battle against the Cobalt Blue legacy (Flash #146, 1999).

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Primary Sources

  • “The Sacrifice” - Speed Force #1 (November 1997), Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn


  • The Flash (second series) #145 (February 1999) - Paul Pelletier and Vince Russell

Significant Appearances

  • Speed Force #1 (November 1997): “The Sacrifice,” Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
  • Flash #145–150 (February–July 1999): “Chain Lightning,” Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn


(Creator Credits): Steve Lightle designed the costume for an African-Asian speedster for the cover of Flash #146. However, someone decided to use the costume for Jace Allen, who had already been introduced as a Caucasian in Speed Force #1—hence the odd coloring on the cover.