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[A Hyperguard]
Base of Operations: 30th-Century Earth
Occupation: Soldiers
First Appearance: Impulse #73 (June 2001)
See Also: Dark Tomorrow

In one possible future, Impulse and his friend Carol Bucklen have travelled to the 30th century. Carol began researching the speed force to find a way to accelerate the human metabolism, improving health (and speed) for everyone on Earth.

Early tests were partially successful, granting test subjects super-speed...and an unexpected degree of suggestibility. Earthgov President Thawne quickly appropriated the technique to create his own cadre of super-fast soldiers: the Hyperguard.

Unfortunately, long-term effects of the ray included complete physical and mental breakdown. Most Hyperguards went insane, but enough remained to do Thawne’s bidding... which included turning the hyper-ray on the entire population of Earth!

This future was averted by the present-day Impulse when he gained time-travel powers of his own and prevented Max Mercury’s death, cutting off the timeline in which he and Carol would travel to the future.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Primary Sources

  • “Dark Tomorrow” - Impulse #73–75 (June–August 2001), Todd Dezago


  • Impulse #74 (July 2001) - Carlo Barberi and Juan Vlasco

Significant Appearances

  • Impulse #73–75 (June–August 2001): “Dark Tomorrow,” Todd Dezago

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