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Base of Operations: New Genesis
Occupation: Inventor, singer
Hair: Reddish blond
Eyes: Blue
First Appearance: The New Gods (first series) #5 (October–November, 1971)
Created By: Jack Kirby
See Also: Black Racer, Fastback

Fastbak is a young member of the long-lived race called the New Gods. Living in Supertown, on New Genesis, he invented “aeropads”—devices in his boots that enable him to run and fly at incredible speeds. Among the New Gods, Fastbak’s speed is second only to Lightray, and he once outraced the Black Racer himself.

He generally stays out of the conflict between New Genesis and its sister planet, Apokolips, but stands ready to lend his speed to the cause when called.

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An ancient race, now called the Old Gods, unleashed a power so great it destroyed everything in their dimension. Their homeworld split into two, eventually becoming the twisted world of Apokolips and the paradise of New Genesis. The long-lived beings who arose there came to be known as the New Gods. Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, has twice led his world in war against New Genesis, and has taken an interest in Earth, believing he will find the secret to Anti-Life—the power which destroyed the Old Gods—on our world.

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