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[The future Impulse - Young Justice 1,000,000]
Base of Operations: 853rd-Century Pluto
Group Membership: Young Justice Legion S
First Appearance: Young Justice #1,000,000, November 1998
Origin: 853rd Century

Even his own teammates know little of Impulse’s origins, and he doesn’t seem to care himself. It is believed that Impulse is “the personification of random thoughts of speedsters that traveled through the Speed Force” (Young Justice #1,000,000, 1998). He certainly has a similar personality to the original Impulse, in terms of attention span and planning (or lack thereof).

It is also possible that he is one of the original Impulse’s avatars, sent far into the future.

Impulse appears to be made of pure energy, and can “hitch a ride” inside other people’s brains (biological or electronic). Extent of super-speed is unknown.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Primary Sources

  • “Just Ice, Cubed” - Young Justice #1,000,000 (November 85,271 / 1998) - Peter David


  • Young Justice #1,000,000 (November 85,271 / 1998) - Todd Nauck and Larry Stucker

Significant Appearances

  • Young Justice #1,000,000 (November 1998): “Just Ice, Cubed,” Peter David
  • DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1,000,000 (August 1999): “Head Games,” Chuck Dixon


When the original Impulse briefly gained the ability to create time-traveling energy “scouts,” (Impulse #75, 2001) their appearance was similar to the future Impulse’s. This has led to speculation that the 853rd Century’s Impulse may be one of Bart’s scouts, visiting the era. The powers don’t quite match, though, and the look is slightly different.

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