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First Appearance: Lois Lane #74, May 1967


[The Silver-Age Bizarro Flash]

In the universe containing Earth-One, Bizarro was an imperfect—and opposite—duplicate of Superman, created by a duplicator ray. He, with Bizarro-Lois, settled on the cube-shaped Bizarro World, which was then populated by imperfect duplicates of Superman and his friends.

When Bizarro No.1 decided to duplicate the Justice League, he encountered a problem. The costume was appropriately reversed (similar to the Reverse Flash, though with the lightning symbol replaced with the gavel that the Flash was holding at the time of duplication). But the Bizarro-Flash was physically perfect. Instead of the chalk-white skin and angular features, he looked human.

[The Silver-Age Bizarro Flash]

Repulsed by him, the other Bizarros exiled the Bizarro-Flash into space until his true nature would exert itself. The trajectory was wrong, though, and he landed on Earth. Awakened by Lois Lane, he called himself only Hero. He attempted to use his powers to help people, and to woo Lois, but while his face looked human, his mind was still the backwards-thinking mind of a Bizarro.

Superman uncovered Bizarro-Flash’s identity as his body reverted to form. The would-be hero returned to Bizarro World to take up his place in the reversed Justice League (Lois Lane #74, 1967).

This Bizarro-Flash had all of the Flash’s powers.

All-Star Superman

[The All-Star Superman version of Bizarro Flash]

In All Star Superman, which takes place in its own continuity, Bizarro World itself was an organism from the Underverse, a super-dense layer of the universe, capable of eating planets. As it approached Earth, it began to mimic it imperfectly. It produced half-formed creatures which began jumping to earth, imitating and transforming those they touched. Like the classic Bizarros, these duplicates were mostly incompetant (if dangerous in their own way), and thought and spoke in terms of opposites.

When Superman repelled the attack, he became stranded on Bizarro-Home as it retreated into the Underverse, the light from Earth’s sun shifting red and leaving him powerless. The world began producing duplicates from his memory, including the Justice League. Superman and the “flawed” imperfect clone, Zibarro, enlisted them in helping him escape. This version of the Slowest Man Alive wears the traditional red costume with a chain motif to represent his slowness (All-Star Superman #8, 2007).


[The Modern Bizarro Flash]

The post-Crisis Bizarro was created by the Joker using Mr. Mxytzptlk’s powers. He left Earth, creating an imperfect cubical world in orbit around a blue sun. The blue sun gave Bizarro a new power: he could shoot duplicator rays out of his eyes, creating Bizarro versions of anyone he had encountered. Superman dubbed it “Bizarro Vision.”

At first, these beings rejected him as a monster. He responded by creating more, including a set of allies. The Bizarro Justice League included a Bizarro Flash: dressed in red, morbidly obese, constantly eating (with a mustard stain instead of a lightning bolt) and, above all, slow (Action Comics #856–857, 2007).

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Primary Sources

  • “Superman’s Unbeatable Rival” - Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #74 (May 1967), Leo Dorfman


  • Bizarro-Flash (Silver Age): Lois Lane #74 (May 1967) - Kurt Schaffenberger (not credited; name from GCD)
  • Bizarro Flash (All-Star): All-Star Superman #8 (August 2007) - Frank Quitely & Jamie Grant
  • Bizarro Flash (Modern): Action Comics #857 (December 2007) - Eric Powell

Significant Appearances

  • Silver Age/Earth-1:
    • Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #74 (May 1967): “Superman’s Unbeatable Rival,” Leo Dorfman (not credited; name from GCD)
    • Superman #379 (January 1983): “The Bizarro-Buster Is Loose!” Cary Bates (cameo)
    • DC Comics Presents #71 (July 1984): “The Mark of Bizarro!” E. Nelson Bridwell
  • All Star Superman:
    • All Star Superman #8 (August 2007): “Us Do Opposite,” Grant Morrison
  • Modern:
    • Action Comics #856–857 (November–December 2007): “Escape from Bizarro World” Chapters 2–3, Geoff Johns & Richard Donner


Thanks to Matt Karpowich for information about the first Bizarro-Flash.

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