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(WildStorm Comics Logo) The WildStorm Universe was rebooted in WorldStorm at the same time that the DC Universe was rebooted in Infinite Crisis. The result was Earth-50 in the 52 Multiverse. This brings WildStorm’s speedsters into the scope of this site.

This list is very rough right now. I plan to fill in details as I have time to do research.

Glenn Dashett

Guidance Counsellor who appeared in The Intimates (2005)

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Flash analogue in the Justice League-like team that featured Apollo and Midnighter.

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Jodi Slayton, daughter of the original Backlash. Also known as Crimson and Backlash II.

First Appearance: Backlash #9 (June 1995)
Appearances Jet (4-issue mini, 2000) (incomplete)
Online Resources: Jet at Wikipedia

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Slapjack & Ajita

Grandfather and granddaughter in Welcome to Tranquility.

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[Surge] Speedster Luca Loletti was a member of the Hand of God, a five-member super-team that worked for the Vatican, protecting the Catholic Church from super-powered threats. At some point, Surge was contacted and marked by the New Earth version of Ray Palmer, the Atom.

Eventually, Surge proved corruptable. He was paid to turn on his own organization and assassinate the Pope. He succeeded, and started running. Midnighter eventually caught up to him in San Diego, California, and killed him... while he was being interrogated by a trio searching for Atom.

First Appearance: Gen 13 v.1 #6 (November 1995)
Appearances: Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: WildStorm (2007) (probably incomplete)

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Planetary: Fall of the Pulp Heroes

[Flash Analog vs. the Pulp Heroes] In the WildStorm Universe, in January 1945, a group of heroes led by Doc Brass activated a quantum computer in their headquarters, hidden in the Adirondacks. The computer would mimic the multiverse, mapped as a 196,833-dimensional snowflake, and calculate the perfect Earth into existence. As the computer ran, one of the worlds popping in and out of existence gave rise to a team of champions much like the Justice League. Knowing their world was about to die, they crossed over to make room on the WildStorm Earth for the population of their own.

The world’s own heroes ought off the invaders. Their speedster was killed by Edison, and in the end, only Doc Brass survived, guarding the gateway to the multiverse for the next half-century.

Appearances: Planetary #1 (April 1999, Warren Ellis)

This was not the only time Warren Ellis explored the Justice League in terms of the WildStorm Universe. The first was the Changers during the “Change or Die” storyline in Stormwatch. (There were no speedsters on this team.) Planetary #10, “Magic and Loss,” illustrated that the Four had killed equivalents of Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. (According to that link, the team that Apollo and Midnighter originally appeared on was also JLA-based.) Finally, there is the Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta alternate universe.

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Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

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  • Planetary Flash: Planetary #1 (April 1999) - John Cassiday
  • Surge: Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Wildstorm (November 2007) - Angel Unzueta

Thanks to the CBR Forums and to Will Choy for helping me figure out where to start. I haven’t really followed any WildStorm Universe titles except for Planetary and a few collections of Stormwatch and The Authority from around 1998–2000.

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