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Earth is dead. Those who once might have called it home are long scattered to the endless stars. But in that scattering, on a thousand different worlds, by a thousand different ways... Earth’s greatest legends live on.

(Issue Cover)Silent Running

A pocket of civilization had settled on a world described as a paradise—until volcanic eruptions blotted out the sun, creating a terrible ice age. Surviving members of the Holy Light (a faith based on lightning and the Book of Iris) went on a pilgrimage to seek a revelation in hopes of finding salvation for their people.

Stevan Mallory, leader of the Holy Light, left his two sons, Bryan and Tristan, behind. Upon his return, it was clear that Tristan was taking his place as leader, though Bryan was the eldest. Tristan secretly killed their father, then the two brothers set out in search of the lightning. When they were struck, Tristan, the fanatic, was aged, while Bryan was given speed and the power to create green life.

[Tristan Mallory] Tristan took control of the situation, locking Bryan in the heart of a machine to push back the ice and make a living, temperate city. He believed it a sacrifice necessary to save the people, but reveled in the power of a living god. He demanded obedience and used their lifeforce to keep himself young for three centuries as he tried, over and over, to be “blessed” by the lightning.

Finally, an acolyte made her way to the forbidden level, learned the truth, and freed Bryan Mallory from his pod. Tristan sucked the life from all his people in order to defeat his brother. Nonetheless, Tristan fell into a chasm and died. Bryan returned to the city, restored the people’s lifeforce, then released everyone who was trapped in the machine. To save the people, he then returned to his pod, sacrificing himself to keep them alive.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

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  • “Silent Running” - Flash (second series) Annual 9 (1996), Peter J. Tomasi


  • Flash (second series) Annual 9 (1996) - J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray


Other Flash-related Legends of the Dead Earth stories included the dreadful Impulse Annual 1 and Legionnaires Annual 3, a time-travel story featuring XS and a brief Barry Allen cameo. The framing sequence is much better than the story itself.

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