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Characters and situations are listed on this page for any of the following reasons:

  • It’s a temporary entry until I have a chance to put together a full profile.
  • I don’t have enough information for full profile.
  • The character is basically a footnote, but should be listed for completeness’ sake.
  • The character is well-enough known that you already know who he/she is. These are included only to list Flash/Impulse appearances.

You can check out my current priorities on the Future Plans page. Also, I did many of these from memory, so there may be some inaccuracies. If you spot one before I do, please let me know.

[Dimension Travel]Jay Garrick of New Earth-2

[Alternate Jay Garrick] During Infinite Crisis, a number of main-timeline speedsters including Bart Allen, Wally West and Barry Allen traveled through the speed force to an alternate earth. They met and worked with that world’s Jay Garrick. From what little we know, he wears a darker costume than the main-timeline Jay (the exact colors are unclear, since the lighting is red), and appears to be younger. (Flash: TFMA #6, 2007)

[Flash of Earth-2 in 52] 52 Week 52 (2007) revealed that a new multiverse came into existense after Infinite Crisis, including a new universe much like the old Earth-Two. Also designated Earth-2, this world features a Justice Society that includes a Flash wearing a costume similar to Jay Garrick’s, but with the lightning running all the way up to the shoulder.

The Jay Garrick of Earth-2, wearing a more traditional costume, was later abducted by Monarch to represent the Flashes in his arena. He was forced to battle against the Tangent Flash and the Earth-3 Johnny Quick (Countdown: Arena #3, 2007).

It has not yet been stated whether these two glimpses are of the same world or of two different worlds.

Appearances: Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #6 (2007), 52 Week 52 (2007), Countdown: Arena (2007)

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[Dimension Travel]Flash of Earth-11

[Flash of Earth-11] Earth-11 of the 52 Multiverse is much like the mainstream DC Universe...only with all the genders switched. Olivia Queen is Green Arrow, Kylie Rayner is Green Lantern, etc. Prince Dane of Elysium Island is Wonderman, and so on. The current Flash of this world is an as-yet unnamed blonde woman, implying a possible counterpart to to Barry Allen, though her costume more closely resembles Wally West’s, or Jesse Quick’s during her brief time as Flash heir-apparent.

In this story, the Flash helps the Justice League defend America from an invasion of Amazons led by Wonderman.

Appearances: Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman (2007)

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[Dimension Travel]Flash: Linda Park (Earth-8?)

[Linda Park as the Flash]In some world of the 52 Multiverse, Linda Park became the Flash. This Flash joined Monarch’s army, and was part of a squadron sent to kill the villain Tracer on Earth-8 (also known as Angor, similar to the home of Captain Speed, and home to counterparts to various Marvel Universe characters).

Appearances: Lord Havok and the Extremists #3 (2007)

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[Dimension Travel]Nazi Speedster of Earth-10

[Nazi speedster of Earth-10] On Earth-10 of the 52 Multiverse, the Nazis won World War II and conquered the world. Their super-powered Aryan champions, JLAxis, were picked by Hitler himself, and include a Superman, a Wonder Woman linked to the Norse legends of the Valkyrie instead of to the Amazons, and equivalents to Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and the Flash. The speedster is unnamed, but his costume resembles that of the Reverse-Flash, with the insignia using the twin lightning bolts of the SS.

[Nazi speedster of Earth-10] As on the pre-Crisis Earth-X (another world on which the Germans won the war), the Freedom Fighters (including Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Doll Man, and the Human Bomb) continue to fight against tyranny.

Appearances: 52 Week 52, Countdown to Adventure #2 (2007)

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[Elseworlds]Batman: Holy Terror

In a world where Oliver Cromwell lived an extra decade, England and its American colonies came to be ruled by a theocracy, one which had become tyrannical and corrupt by the twentieth century. Into this world, priesthood candidate Bruce Wayne would discover that the “mugging” in which his parents died was staged, and actually a veiled government execution on charges of treason—for running an underground clinic. Determined to avenge his parents’ deaths, he disguised himself with a bat-demon costume, then infiltrated the cathedral, seeking the star chamber and those who had sentenced the Waynes to death.

What he found was unimaginable: medical experiments carried out by one Dr. Saul Erdel (who in another world would have brought J’onn J’onnz to Earth), including the captive Barry Allen, once an inquisitor chemist, granted super-speed by a lightning strike, and imprisoned for study. Erdel tried repeatedly to duplicate his powers, with varying degrees of success: Terry lacked control, vibrating himself into vapor. Gus’ bones started growing uncontrollably. Corinne’s brain became hyper-accelerated, giving her super-fast thought and perceptions, but trapped in a slow, normal body. And Joshua, experimented on at the age of three, whose accelerated aging would kill him in a matter of months.

Barry met his end after escaping his cell with Batman’s help. Dr. Erdel had learned how to nullify the aura that protects him from friction, and Barry burned to ashes in moments.

Appearances: Batman: Holy Terror (1991, Alan Brennert)

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[Elseworlds]The Dark Knight Strikes Again!

[Barry Allen in DK2]

20–30 years into the future: Superheroes are illegal. The United States is a thinly-veiled police state which has beaten the rest of the world into submission. The President is a hologram, the government controlled by Lex Luthor and his allies. Luthor has blackmailed the world’s most powerful heroes—Superman, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel—into doing his bidding, and has neutralized the rest.

Three years earlier, Batman came out of retirement to battle widespread corruption, only to be taken down by Superman. Now, after training a small army, he has begun collecting old allies. Barry Allen was found locked in a machine, powering most of the eastern seaboard. Together, Batman and his allies prepare a revolution.

Appearances: The Dark Knight Strikes Again! #1–3 (2002, Frank Miller)

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[Elseworlds]Elseworld’s Finest

[Flash: Elseworld’s Finest] On a world where Barbara Gordon became Gotham’s protector, and Kara Zor-el was the last survivor of Krypton, Wonder Woman leads the world’s premier super-team, the Justice Society. For a decade, Gotham City has been off limits to all paranormals, enforced by Batgirl and her Oracle network, while Metropolis had become the city of the future through the inventions of Lex Luthor. It is unclear whether the Justice Society’s Flash is Barry Allen, Wally West, or someone else.

Appearances: Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl (1998, Barbara Kesel, Matt Haley & Tom Simmons)

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[Elseworlds]JLA: Created Equal

Within a week after a cosmic storm passed over the Earth, every man on earth died. Human, Martian, Thanagarian—only Superman survived. In the chaos that followed, the Justice League and United Nations stepped forward to keep order and keep the human race alive. Some heroes took on new names, among them Jesse Quick becoming the Flash.

Facing the possibility of being the last generation of humanity, seeing the birth of Superman’s son, the world undertook a program of artificial insemination, creating a generation of human-Kryptonian hybrids. Years later, Lex Luthor (who had managed to survive in a sealed bunker) manipulated those children into rebelling, taking over the world. They nearly succeeded, until some managed to see through his deceptions.

Appearances: JLA: Created Equal #1–2 (2000, Fabian Nicieza)

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[Elseworlds]Legends of the Dead Earth: Speed Force!

On the desert planet Mtoncanf, a struggling human colony has been under Dargonian occupation for six years. Impulsive teenager Trace Wyndham stumbles across a human saboteur, who whisks him out to a remote building at hyper-speed, introducing him to his students. Trace discovers, like the teacher Kinnock, that he can draw energy from the Speed Force, and begins using his new power to battle the occupying forces.

Editor’s Note: I try to keep my opinions out of the write-ups, but this story was just plain dreadful. If you really want to read a Legends of the Dead Earth story, go read Flash Annual #9 instead.

Appearances: Impulse Annual #1 (1996, Steve Vance)

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[Elseworlds]Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta

In the WildStorm Universe, the secret organization Planetary is dedicated to uncovering the hidden world, archaeologists of the impossible. Their quest for knowledge has put them at odds with the Four, the most powerful people on Earth, who have spent decades keeping the world in the dark.

Terra Occulta draws from both the WildStorm and DC Universes, with Planetary in the role of the Four, and three people—Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, and Clark Kent—ready to stand in their way.

Yet while Planetary is as brutal on this world as the Four are in another, they are less secretive, allowing some of their marvelous technology to trickle into the world—always through companies they control, of course, to ensure they make a profit. One such contribuition are the Flashes, super-speed couriers made possible by a genetic implant developed with knowledge from the autopsy of one Barrett Allen.

Appearances: Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta (September 2002, Warren Ellis)

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

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