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Elseworlds New Titans Annual 10

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The busy port city of N’Yarque was ruled by Queen Raven, a cruel and beautiful sorceress. But Raven had a secret, one for which she needed others of power. One by one, she kidnapped people and transformed them: the flying Nightwing, the weapons master Arsenal, the feral Pantha, and the super-fast Flash.

[Flash: New Titans Annual 10] Once her circle numbered seven, they banded together to escape, and sought the wizard Phantasm, who had transformed his own champion, a woman who became living Starfire. They battled Raven’s minions, but she recaptured them, using them as the focus to bring her father Trigon into their plane. With help from Phantasm, though, they broke free and sent Trigon back to the netherworld.

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  • New Titans Annual #10 (1994), Marv Wolfman


  • New Titans Annual #10 (1994) - Scott Lee & Martin Griffiths


During the 1990s, DC released an extra-sized annual issue for its more successful series every year. Each year from 1991 through 2000 had a theme, sometimes a continuing story. For 1994, the theme was Elseworlds, and each annual featured an alternate reality version of the title character or team. The Flash featured in three: Flash, New Titans and Justice League International.

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