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[Johnny Quick]
Occupation: Criminal Overlord
Base of Operations: Earth-3 (52 Multiverse)
Group Membership: Crime Society of America
First Appearance: 52 Week 52 (pictured only, 2007); Countdown #31 (2007)
See Also: Johnny Quick (Crime Syndicate #1), Johnny Quick (Crime Syndicate #2), Johnny Quick (Crisis on Two Earths)

[Johnny Quick]

Earth-3 in the 52 Multiverse is a world on which evil always triumphs over good. Where the heroic Justice Society came about on most worlds, here the villainous Crime Society instead took root, becoming overlords of their world.

The Crime Society is similar to the Crime Syndicate of the Anti-Matter Earth, and features a malevolent speedster called Johnny Quick.

Known heroes of Earth-3 include the Jokester.

The Crime Society happily joined forces with the universe-hopping Monarch. Johnny Quick represented Earth-3 against the Earth-2 Flash and Tangent Flash in Countdown: Arena (2007), and participated in the invasion of Earth-51 (Countdown, 2008).

Johnny Quick was on Earth-51 when Monarch’s armor ruptured, destroying everything in the universe. He may have died, but his super-speed reaction time could have saved him...especially if it turns out that he’s mastered the speedster ability of dimensional travel.

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Top of Page Art

  • Facing Off: Countdown #31 (September 26, 2007) - Keith Giffen (breakdowns), Manuel Garcia & Rodney Ramos
  • Lightning Stomp: Countdown to Final Crisis #26 (October 31, 2007) - Scott Kolins
  • Portrait: 52 Week 52 (May 2, 2007) - Keith Giffen (breakdowns) and Justiniano (thanks to Glen Cadigan for identifying the artist!)


[Johnny Quick in 52]

The original Crime Syndicate hailed from the Pre-Crisis Earth-3, and was an evil counterpart to the Justice League. The Crime Society was created for the 52 Multiverse Earth-3 as an evil counterpart to the Justice Society. Geoff Johns described them in Wizard #189 as follows:

Earth-3: A world full of evil dopplegangers of Earth-2. I’d wager they have an annual team-up with the Anti-Matter Earth’s Crime Syndicate as the Justice Society had a team-up with the Justice League back in the day.

Johnny Quick’s name was confirmed in Countdown: Arena #1.

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