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[Danny the Running Boy]
Real Name: Danny
Group Membership: New Mystic Youth
Base of Operations: London, England on Earth-612
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Unknown
First Appearance: The Books of Magic Annual 3, 1999

In an alternate reality where mystical super-heroes were the norm, young Londoner Tim Hunter became Sparky, the sidekick of English crimefighter Hellblazer, only to be rejected when his benefactor learned that Tim was not of 100% English descent. He became Hellspawn, and formed the Mystic Youth, alongside Moonchild (Alleatha/Raven), Black Talos (Jimmy Morehead/Cyborg), Proteus (Davis Duvall/Changeling), Danny the Running Boy (Danny the Climbing Boy/Kid Flash), and Junior Goddess (Molly O’Reilly/Wonder Girl) — all Books of Magic characters crossed with the powers and costumes of the Teen Titans.

The Mystic Youth were cut down in their prime by a traitor. Moonchild, furious that Tim would choose Junior Goddess over her, attacked them all, and as they lay shattered, her ally appeared: another Tim Hunter, one who had been travelling from world to world, killing his counterparts. Moonchild killed Hellspawn, believing she had a future with the alternate Tim, and the world began to fade from existence.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • The Books of Magic Annual #3 (1999) - Phil Jimenez & Barbara Schulz

Significant Appearances

  • The Books of Magic Annual 3 (1999): “The New Mystic Youth #612: Who Is Tim Hunter?,” Mark Millar

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