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The Appendix is made up of those characters for whom I haven’t had time to write up full profiles, along with those who I consider useful to have mentioned, but not critical enough to rate a full entry (yet), and finally those about whom there simply isn’t enough information to write a full profile. You can check out my current priorities on the Future Plans page.


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The House Un-American Activities Committee was a real-world committee of the United States Congress that existed from the late 1930s to the mid 1970s. Its purpose was to investigate anti-American propaganda, but it is generally associated with the Red Scare. In the early 1950s, with the Cold War in full swing, there was real concern about Soviet agents working in America. That concern became fear, and that fear became a witch hunt-like climate of suspicion and paranoia. Merely the suspicion of communist leanings was often enough to bring careers to a halt.

In the DC Universe, HUAC also caused the Justice Society of America to disband. Suspicious of the super-powered “mystery men,” the committee subpoenaed the JSA and ordered them to unmask. Fearing for their loved ones, the heroes refused and went into retirement instead.

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A graveyard for super-villains, hidden in fourth-dimensional space by the Folded Man. The entrance, between a pair of graves labeled “Hades” and “Styx,” is disguised by Grodd’s cloaking technology.

The cemetery contains monuments to fallen rogues, including Golden Glider, Mirror Master I, and even Rainbow Raider.

Appearances: Flash #217 (2005)

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