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Some of these characters and places are listed in the Appendix, so you may consider looking there. And I’ll freely admit that I don’t always stick to these priorities. Often I’ll write up something with a lower priority because it seems more interesting that day, or because I can write that bio more quickly, or because one scan looks easier to clean up than another. Sometimes I’ll add something I just thought of that wasn’t on this list before. But this is at least a rough guideline of what you can expect to see added to this site and when.

Top Priority

High Priority

Medium Priority

Low Priority

  • Long-Term Artists
  • Long-Term Impulse Writers & Artists
  • More Flash homages & parodies (More on Big Bang’s Blitz, maybe Race Noble, etc.)
  • Titans-related Appearances (maybe)
  • Unmasked portraits
  • Blue Valley, Nebraska
  • Felix Faust
  • Immortal Man
  • Major Disaster
  • Mallory and the Motor Car Diner
  • Manhunter
  • Merlyn
  • Mongul
  • Rex the Wonder Dog
  • Santa Marta, California
  • Wizened Sage
  • Various Impulse characters
  • Fill in details of the supporting cast from the Flash TV Series

Additional Images

Images To Clean Up

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