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[Image of Death from Sandman: Brief Lives]
Occupation: Divider of the living from the dead
Known Relatives: Destiny, Dream (brothers), Destruction (brother, retired), Despair (sister), Delirium (sister, formerly Delight), Desire (sometimes brother, sometimes sister)
First Appearance: The Sandman #8, 1989
Created by: Neil Gaiman
See Also: The Black Flash, The Black Racer

The Endless are seven beings representing the capacities of life. They are not gods, but neither are they mortals. They simply are. Destiny came first, at the dawn of time, followed by Death, who will one day take everyone and everything—even Destiny and the universe itself—and, in her words, “put it all in order, and lock the place behind me as I leave” (The Books of Magic (original miniseries) #4).

Death can be in many places at once, and can appear in many different guises. To many, she appears as a pale woman in black. To speedsters she appears as the Black Flash, and the New Gods see the Black Racer.

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Top of Page Art

  • The Sandman #43 (Brief Lives) (1992) - Jill Thompson


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