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Roughly every seven issues during Geoff Johns’ first run on The Flash (with a break for Ignition), the book devoted an issue to one of the Flash’s enemies in a series of Rogue Profiles. When he returned to the book, DC added two profiles between the first two story arcs to get the series back on schedule.

Top of Page Art

  • Captain Cold: The Flash #182 (March 2002) - Brian Bolland
  • Pied Piper: The Flash #190 (November 2002) - Scott Kolins
  • Zoom: The Flash #197 (June 2003) - Scott Kolins*
  • Mirror Master: The Flash #212 (September 2004) - Ethan van Sciver
  • Heat Wave: The Flash #218 (March 2005) - Howard Porter and Livesay
  • Captain Boomerang: The Flash #7 (January 2011) - Francis Manapul
  • Reverse-Flash: The Flash #8 (January 2011) - Scott Kolins

* Flash #197 credits the cover to Yvel Guichet and Mark Propst, but it’s part of a larger piece which is definitely by Scott Kolins. The covers for issues 198–200 correctly credit Kolins.

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