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Here’s a breakdown of the Flash fan fiction I have found. If you know of anything I’ve missed, please send me the URL.

The DCU (or close to it)

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TV Continuity

These stories are set in the world of the 1990 Flash TV series.

I imagine there are probably several Smallville stories featuring that show’s Bart Allen, but I have not had time to look for them.

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Animated Continuity

These stories are set in the world of the Justice League animated series and Justice League Unlimited.

  • Teh_no has a series of Flash stories set (more or less) in the JLU universe. A bit off-color, but not explicit.
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Alternate History/Elseworlds

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Original Characters

DC Futures: Dr. Alia Devin

She was the leading expert in what made speedsters speed. She learned that all she thought she knew was wrong. The hard way. Now she knows the truth. She is the truth. The others rode the Lightning. Dr. Alia Devin became a part of The Lightning. She became “The Flash.”

DC Futures was a collaborative fanfic universe chronicling a possible dystopian future in the early 22nd Century. The writing was divided up the way the actual DC universe is: each author worked on a particular title. The Flash (written by Tommy Hancock) focuses on the above-mentioned Alia Devin, who sometimes faces off against the corrupt Flash Corps (an elite police unit made of of surgically-altered officers given super-speed).

*Digitallymystic.com went offline in October 2004, taking DC Futures with it. So far, I have found no indication that the site has come up again at a new location. At best, you can check out the Internet Archive copy of DC Futures.

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DC Future Shock: Quinn LeCorrant

Legacies never die. A legacy set by one can change hands to another. Sometimes, it is with slightly unexpected results. This is a story of a very unexpected result. An arrogant man who can “steal” speed from objects wants to be a hero. This is his story. The story of the Flash, hero of Keystone, the Two-In-One-City.

DC Future Shock was a collaborative fan-fic set in a more utopian vision of the 22nd Century. This time around, the speedsters are Allen sisters Jasmine and Trisha, known as Lady Windrunner and Quickstep. The twist: this era’s Flash, Quinn LeCorrant, can’t use speed—he can only steal it. The trio faced Mayor Brenton Thawne, Kadabra, new Rogues, and the return of Savitar.

Three chapters in, the writer of their Flash series decided to discontinue it and pulled it down from the site.

Digitallymystic.com went offline in October 2004, taking DC Future Shock with it. The site had stopped updating in March 2003, and no one has (to my knowledge) brought it online anywhere else.

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Kid Flash: Jay Don Allen

Not exactly fanfic, but the Legion of Superheroes Elseworlds RPG has an original speedster character from the 22nd Century, a descendant of the Allen bloodline who bounced off the Speed Force and landed in the 30th Century.

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