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Outdoors on Savoth
First Appearance: Flash v.2 #231 (October 2007); named in Flash v.2 #233 (December 2007)


The planet Savoth exists in a different dimension than Earth. During the 1940s, it was invaded by amphibious aliens. No name was given for the attackers, only “swamp invaders.” They were ruthless, overrunning the world. As they descended upon the last remaining city, the scientist Gorflack, pursuing forbidden research, hoped to draw on the speed force for energy. Instead, it brought the original Flash, Jay Garrick, to their world (Flash v.2 #233, 2007).

The Flash defended the city, then traveled with Gorflack, rallying the population to arms. Within weeks, the people of Savoth had reclaimed their world from the invaders.

Planet Flash

As Savoth rebuilt, its people gave the Flash an honored place in their society. They adopted his symbol as their own, revering him as their world’s savior. Jay returned to visit Savoth many times over the years. A lightning-bolt shaped object had coalesced out of the speed force when he first arrived. Gorflack recognized its potential as a dimensional tuning fork that would allow the Flash to return at will.

Eventually, Jay passed the key to his successor, Barry Allen. Barry was also welcomed with enthusiasm. He and his wife Iris held a second wedding ceremony on Savoth; the anniversary became one of the world’s main holidays (Flash v.2 #234, 2008). Barry in turn passed the key to Wally West.

Wally ultimately spent the longest time on Savoth of any Flash. During the Infinite Crisis, when all the surviving speedsters battled Superboy Prime, Wally was nearly pulled into the speed force. Only the dimensional key saved him, bringing him, his wife Linda, and their infant children Iris and Jai to Savoth.

The throne room

It was during the West family’s time on Savoth that Iris and Jai first experienced their speed force–fueled growth spurts. This led to Savoth’s only conflict with the Flash: the ruling council refused to allow their speed force technology to be given to humans, believing that there must be great evil in humanity to balance out the great good shown by the Flashes. Linda interceded, convincing them that the Flashes—and their families—represented not an exception, but the true face of humanity. The council agreed to train her in use of their technology (Flash v.2 #236, 2008).

Legacy of Invasion

The remnants of the alien army remained on Savoth for decades, retreating to the world’s swamps. They blamed the Flash for their defeat, and as the natives transferred their adulation to each successor, the invaders transferred their desire for vengeance. There were occasional skirmishes, and even an assassination attempt on Barry (Flash v.2 #234, 2008).

The last survivor invaded Gorflack’s lab, holding him hostage until the scientist would agree to send him to his homeworld. The third Flash and Impulse intervened, overloading the attacker’s stolen weapon and inadvertently producing exactly the warp he wanted. The people of Savoth believed they had seen the last of their would-be conquerors (Flash v.2 #235, 2008).

In fact, the aliens reverse-engineered the effect to create their own gateways. Years later, they homed in on the Flash’s speed key to invade Earth. To save his own world, the Flash destroyed the key, severing the speedsters’ connection to Savoth (Flash v.2 #236, 2008).


Prime Minister Meknok

The inhabitants of Savoth bear a resemblance to bipedal horses or dogs, with long snouts, shaggy fur and manes. Most of those seen tend to be flighty and impulsive, prone to overreacting by human standards. Little is known of their society before the invasion, only that it was headed by a royalty that fled the attack. Since then, it has been headed by a high ruling council. At Jay Garrick’s insistence, they placed a clause in their constitution forbidding the Flash from interfering with their government.

During the West family’s residence on Savoth, the council was led by Prime Minister Meknok, an unusually calm representative of his species.


Gorflack with Jay Garrick

The translight scientist has become well-respected over the years for his part in bringing the first Flash to their world. He has become friends with all the Flashes over the years, but especially Barry Allen, in whom he saw a kindred spirit.

Appearances: Flash v.2 #233–236 (2007–2008)



S’kidds’kakoth of the house of S’kidd-oth was genetically engineered by Gorflack to have super-speed. The intent was for him to become the Flash’s new sidekick (though he got the term mixed up with “kickstand”). He met Wally West and Bart Allen when they rescued Gorflack from the last surviving swamp invader.

Appearances: Flash v.2 #235 (2008)

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

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The story of Jay Garrick repelling an alien invasion on another world has precedent in the actual Golden Age. He once saved the planet Karma from a similar threat.

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