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First Appearance: Salvation Run #1* (January 2008)

Black Adam had wiped an entire nation off the face of the Earth with his bare hands. The Amazons had invaded the United States for daring to imprison one of their own as a murder suspect. The Rogues had killed the Flash. Enough was enough. The President of the United States decided that the human race could no longer tolerate meta-human criminals: it was time to round up all the villains and send them into space.

A segment of the agency Checkmate, run by Amanda Waller, was chosen to run the project. The Suicide Squad (a group of expendable villains who could, in theory, redeem themselves) would track down and capture the criminals. Checkmate would use the New Gods’ Boom Tube technology to dump the captives on an alien planet and let them fend for themselves.

Initial surveys showed a peacful world on which the prisoners could, perhaps, build their own society. Or kill each other off. Either way, Checkmate didn’t care: they were out of the way. In reality, the planet was a worldwide deathtrap, a training ground for the Parademons of the planet Apokolips. Its dangers had been disabled during the survey so that the super-villains of Earth would provide a greater challenge to the trainees.

The Rogues who murdered Bart Allen were among the first prisoners to be transported.

First Batch of Prisoners

Trickster and Pied Piper were captured, but escaped before they could be transported across space. Captain Boomerang II was among the Suicide Squad members carrying out the captures.

Also Present

The exiles quickly broke into three factions; two led by Lex Luthor and the Joker, and a smaller group consisting of Vandal Savage and four women.

And many more. These are just the ones who are profiled on this site. Dozens of characters appear, ranging from high-profile villains like Lex Luthor to minor ones like Punch and Jewelee. The Wikipedia article has what appears to be a complete list.

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Top of Page Appearances

  • Salvation Run (7-issue miniseries, January–July 2008), Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges


*There are indications that this may be the same planet on which Adam Strange, Starfire and Animal Man were stranded during 52, and which later appeared in Blue Beetle. This would place the world’s first appearance during the early issues of 52.

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