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Captain Boomerang’s funeral featured the largest gathering of Rogues in years. Here are the ones that have been identified so far. If you recognize one of the unidentified villains, please email me.

Splash Page

The Splash Page
Pages 8–9: The Rogues assembled.

  1. Possibly Clive Yorkin
  2. Blue Trinity. Oddly, there appears to be three of them, but Christina is on the other side of the page.
  3. Probably Peek-a-Boo
  4. Inertia
  5. The Fiddler
  6. The Icicle (not the Icicle I have profiled, though)
  7. The Suit
  8. Unidentified
  9. Unidentified
  10. Unidentified man at keg
  11. Floating head of Computron (see below)
  12. Weather Wizard
  13. Mirror Master II
  14. Possibly Zoom I disguised as Barry Allen
  15. Christina as Lady Savitar
  16. Cobalt Blue

The Splash Page

The Splash Page

Further Sightings

The Rainbow Raiders and Computron
Page 10: Introducing the new Rainbow Raiders. Proof that no villain name is too silly to be claimed by new Rogues after his death. Also: Computron’s floating head!

Unidentified rogue
Page 11: Owen tosses a boomerang past Dr. Alchemy, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, and this guy, then past Captain Cold on the podium, and catches it himself. He looks like he might be the guy standing at the keg in the splash page. Anyone know who he is?

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