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From late January through early March of 2003, I read and skimmed my way through the entire Barry Allen run of The Flash. Including Archive Editions and reprint issues, I was missing fewer issues than I thought. I filled in the titles and authors from sites like The Grand Comic Book Database and The Comics Archives, but when it comes to characters, these sites tend to focus on the leads and the major villains. So while I was reasonably certain I’d covered all the appearances of, say, Captain Cold, it seemed likely that I was missing appearances supporting characters like Wally’s parents, or Dexter Myles.

Over the next few months I slowly tracked down the remaining issues, and now (June 2003) I’ve filled in all the gaps. I now have character appearances for every single Silver-Age Flash story that appeared in his own series. (I’m not going to try to track down all the crossover appearances, spots in Brave & the Bold, etc.)

Note: for the purpose of appearance lists I am considering anything pre-Crisis to be the Silver Age. I realize there’s another whole age between the early seventies and the mid-eighties, but as far as the Flash is concerned the logical breaks are generational. And it just looks better to list the Mirror Master’s “Silver-Age Appearances” than his “Barry Allen Appearances!”