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[The Flash Museum Today] Location: Originally Central City, Missouri, now Keystone City, Kansas*
First Appearance: Flash v.1 #154 (August 1965)
Curator: Dexter Myles

Less than a year into Barry Allen’s career as the Flash, the grateful citizens of Central City raised the money to establish the Flash Museum. The museum would celebrate the career of the city’s resident champion, at first housing mainly mementos from his cases, but over time expanding into more and more types of exhibits.

[Dexter Myles] [The Flash Museum Today] Much of the museum’s popularity can be attributed to its curator Dexter Myles. The retired actor started as a guide, but his stirring renditions of the stories behind the exhibits were so popular that he quickly became its curator—a job he holds to this day.

Meanwhile, the museum was expanding, collecting the Rogues’ costumes and weapons and displaying the adventures of both Flash and Kid Flash. With the reappearance of Keystone City, an exhibit dedicated to the original scarlet speedster was added, and after his successor’s death, it was decided to follow the careers of all the speedsters.


[The Flash Museum in the 25th Century] The Flash Museum has been nearly destroyed on several occasions, each time being rebuilt. The Pied Piper hypnotized three people into vandalizing it during the lead-up to the Flash’s trial (Flash v1 #333, 1984). It was later severely damaged in a battle between Green Lantern, Darkstar and a disguised Professor Zoom (Green Lantern #40, 1993/The Return of Barry Allen). Cobalt Blue completely leveled the building in his debut attack on all things Barry (Flash v2 #143, 1998/Chain Lightning). And most recently it was destroyed in an accident when Hunter Zolomon attempted to activate the Cosmic Treadmill (Flash v2 #197, 2003/Blitz). The twin cities have become very adept at rebuilding, though after this last collapse it was rebuilt on a new site in Keystone* (Flash v2 #208, 2004).

[The Cosmic Treadmill] In fact, the Cosmic Treadmill is one of the museum’s most significant exhibits. Barry Allen used the treadmill to travel through time and to other dimensions. Because only speedsters can use it, it was made an exhibit after his death. It does, however, serve as a focal point—or rather, it will.

Since his death, a wing of the museum has been dedicated to a Bart Allen Memorial (All-Flash #1, 2007).

The Flash Legacy

Keystone City/The Flash Museum: Titans Tomorrow In at least one possible future, the entire city of Keystone will be transformed into a Flash Museum, just ten years from now. This seems unlikely to occur in the main timeline for two reasons: First, the Titans’ knowledge of this future is likely to alter it. Second, what is known of even more distant eras suggests a combined Central/Keystone City, with the Flash Museum as a single building.

[The Flash Museum in the 30th Century] It is clear that the Flash Museum will still be around at least through the late 30th Century, as it and the treadmill will play a significant part in the fight against Cobalt Blue. By then the plaza in front will have acquired statues of dozens of Flashes, and guided tours will be provided by a pair of robots named... Dexter and Myles.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

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Significant One-Year-Later Flash Appearances

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* Flash v.2 #208 (2004) and the next few issues make it clear that the new Flash Museum was built in Keystone City. Captioning in 52 #33 (2006) indicates that it is in Central City. This could be an error in 52, or it could be a change resulting from the “New Earth” created in Infinite Crisis.

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