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[Captain Cold]
Real Name: Leonard Snart
Known Relatives: Lisa Snart (sister, deceased)
Occupation: Criminal
Former Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Group Affiliation: The Rogues
Past Group Affiliation: Secret Society of Super Villains
Base of Operations: Central City, Missouri
First Appearance: Showcase #8 (June 1957)
Created By: John Broome and Carmine Infantino
See Also: Captain Cold (TV)

Small-time criminal Len Snart sought a way to even the odds against the Flash so that he could begin a criminal career in Central City. Stealing an unpublished scientific article on the Flash’s speed, he came across the theory that a cyclotron might interfere with the hero’s speed. He designed a weapon and exposed it to radiation in a cyclotron laboratory. However, rather than counteracting the Flash’s speed, the gun could instantly freeze anything. Len Snart became the costumed criminal Captain Cold.

As he repeatedly clashed with the Flash, he learned to create ice slicks, to freeze people in suspended animation (Snart was a criminal, not a killer), to make walls (and safe doors) so brittle with cold that he could simply knock his way through. After Barry’s death, however, the thrill was gone. Snart’s career was not just one of crime, but one of battling the Flash.

Bored with a Flashless life, Snart and his sister Lisa (the Golden Glider) went legit and opened “Golden Snowball Recoveries.” Using the same costumes and weapons they had employed as criminals, they became bounty hunters for hire (Flash #27, 1989), and even worked with the new Flash on occasion.

Still, Len Snart could not resist when Abra Kadabra brought him and four other Rogues an offer that would bring them respect. An offer that would “guarantee that they would be remembered forever not as has-beens... but as the most infamous villains of their age.” What Kadabra did not tell them was that it would cost them their lives. The five died, and unleashed the demon Neron upon Earth (Underworld Unleashed #1, 1995).

Neron was not finished with them, however. As part of a convoluted plot to force the Flash into a deal, he sent the Rogues’ bodies to Earth without their souls. The bank robbers who had so enjoyed matching wits with the Flash were now soulless killers, in command of vastly enhanced powers, with even more powerful avatars that caused enormous damage and killed thousands before the Flash was able to turn the deal around and force Neron to halt the destruction and return the Rogues’ souls to their bodies (Flash #127–129, 1997).

Captain Cold, like his fellow Rogues, returned to his life of crime, though for a time he was concerned with protecting himself from Neron. He has since taken on a leadership role among the villains of the Twin Cities.

Captain Cold was one of the three Rogues who delivered the killing blow to Flash 4: Bart Allen (Flash: TFMA #10–13: Full Throttle & All-Flash #1, 2007). He was captured and sent with the rest to the alien prison planet, Salvation (Salvation Run, 2007–2008).

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

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Origin Tales

Rogue Profile: Flash #182
Rogue Profile Covers
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*The Showcase stories are available in The Flash Archives Volume 1 and Showcase Presents: The Flash Volume 1.

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