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Known Relatives: Max Mercury (father), Laura (mother), Jim (ex-husband)
Occupation: Physician
Base of Operations: Manchester, Alabama
First Appearance: Impulse #3

In 1948, Max Mercury was seriously injured saving Manchester, Alabama from a toxic bomber. He was found by a local doctor, and taken to his remote home to convalesce. Dr. Claiborne was away much of the time, and Max developed a close relationship with his wife Laura—which culminated in a brief affair. When David discovered them together, Max ran, brushing up against the speed force again and time-jumping. Laura gave birth to Max’s daughter, Helen, and the Claiborne’s marriage broke up.

Years later, Helen, now a physician, met her new neighbor, Max Crandall. She sensed some kind of connection, and they became friends. She had contemplated pursuing it further, not realizing that the man who was close to her own age was actually her father. When her ex-husband attacked her, Max fought him off and let the secret slip. Their friendship was strained for a while, but they have since moved in together, trying to catch up on the missing years of their father-daughter relationship.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

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  • “Running From The Past” - Impulse #16 (August 1996), Mark Waid

Significant Appearances

  • Regular in Impulse

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