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Known Relatives: Linda (daughter), Wally West (son-in-law)
Base of Operations: Mobile
Occupations: Accountant/Investor, unknown
First Appearance: (cameo) Flash (second series) #87, February 1994; (named) Flash (second series) #140, August 1998

Very little is known about Linda’s parents, perhaps because they see their daughter so rarely. John is an accountant, and grew up on an Iowa farm that his mother still owns. He made a fortune investing in a company called Kord (as in the Blue Beetle) during the tech boom, and the couple now owns several properties around the world*.

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Top of Page Art

  • The Flash (second series) #174 (July 2001) - Scott Kolins and Doug Hazlewood

Significant Appearances

  • Flash #87 (February 1994): “Christmas Rush,” Mark Waid (cameo)
  • Flash #140 (August 1998): “The Black Flash Part 2,” Mark Millar
  • Flash #142 (October 1998): “Get Me To The Church On Time,” Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
  • Flash #157 (February 2000): “Setting the Stage,” Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
  • Flash #158 (March 2000): “Reverse Flash,” Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
  • Flash #174 (July 2001): “Moving Right Along,” Geoff Johns
  • Flash #209 (June 2004): “Fast Friends,” Geoff Johns (cameo)
  • Flash #227 (December 2005): “Finish Line, Part 1: The Last Days,” Joey Cavalieri
  • Flash #229 (February 2006): “Finish Line, Part 3: The Black Death,” Joey Cavalieri


When first named, Lisa was called Lucille.

*In Flash #209, Wally looks for Linda in the following places:

  • A penthouse in New York
  • A time-share condo in Maui
  • A cottage in France (which they rent out sometimes)

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