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[Dr. Flura]
Full Name: Maria Flura
Occupation: Scientist
Base of Operations: Keystone City, Kansas
First Appearance: All-Flash #31 (October–November 1947)

Scientist Maria Flura first encountered the original Flash while attempting to unravel the mystery of a secret city deep in the Amazon. She and the Flash accompanied newspaper publisher Dale Thomas to the region in order to search for a man Thomas had met there twenty years earlier. They found the city guarded by soldiers who could project solid images of themselves. Eventually the Flash convinced the city’s leaders to use their powers for good.

Flura was also the first point of contact for the original Star Sapphire: the would-be conqueror’s transport pod materialized in her lab, and she was trapped with the Flash on the villainess’ world.

Dr. Flura’s last known* adventure grew out of the Secret City. Her colleague Prof. Lexon convinced her to work with him on a defense against the city’s image-projection technology. Lexon then used the invention to fake his own death and frame Dr. Flura for his murder. Once the Flash discovered Prof. Lexon was still alive, Flura’s conviction was overturned.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • All-Flash #32 (December–January 1948) - Lee Elias & Moe Worthman

Golden-Age Appearances*

  • All-Flash #31 (October–November 1947): “The Secret City,” Robert Kanigher (reprinted in Flash v.1 #229)
  • All-Flash #32 (December 1947–January 1948): “The Amazing Star Sapphire,” Robert Kanigher (reprinted in Flash v.1 Annual #1)
  • Flash Comics #94 (April 1948): “Images of Doom,” Robert Kanigher (reprinted in Flash v.1 #232)

*Dr. Flura may have made other appearances during the last year of Flash Comics. All three of these stories have been reprinted in Silver-Age Flash issues. (See the statement on Golden Age accuracy).

No known post-Golden Age appearances.

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