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[Ira West]
Known Relatives: Nadine (wife, deceased?), Charlotte (daughter?)*, Rudolph (son), Iris (adoptive daughter), Wally West (grandson)
Base of Operations: Central City, Missouri
Occupation: Nobel Prize–Winning Professor

Shortly after the Wests lost their infant daughter in childbirth, an infant from another time appeared. They adopted Iris, but kept her true origin a secret, raising her as their own.

When a professor at Central City University, Ira West was approached by his former graduate student, Barry Allen, with a stunning revelation: he had gained super-speed, and was asking Professor West (as someone he could trust) to help him create a costume to fight crime as the Flash. West developed the special expanding fabric and ring, but shortly after giving the speedster his costume, he suffered a concussion from a pair of burglars. The Flash stopped the burglars, but Professor West forgot the events of the previous day (and Barry’s secret identity), and has subsequently suffered from regular absent-mindedness.

Since that time, the Flash has occasionally asked Professor West for help on scientific matters, but always in secret. Ira has kept in some contact with his grandson, Wally.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

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