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[Meloni in Impulse 24]
Known Relatives: Don Allen (husband, deceased), Bart Allen (son), Owen Mercer (son), President Thawne (father)
Base of Operations: 30th Century Earth
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
First Appearance: Impulse #23

The ancient grudge between the Thawnes and Allens broke to new mutiny when Meloni Thawne married Don Allen. After Don died defending Earth against the Dominators, their son Bart was kidnapped by a Dominator faction. A corrupt Earthgov rescued her son, but kept him themselves, telling her he had died before they arrived. In order to keep her from asking too many questions, they faked her death and set her up with a new ID halfway across the planet.

When Don’s mother Iris kidnapped Bart and took him back in time, Earthgov went after Meloni—accidentally cluing her in that he was alive. She followed them back, found a teenage Bart, and brought him home where they could save the Allens from the wrath of Earth’s President Thawne. Finally, Meloni had to send Bart back to the 20th century and stay herself in order to ensure that the Allen clan would be safe.

Meloni briefly traveled to more distant futures with Bart’s girlfriend, Carol (Impulse #76, 88, 2001–2002). She remained behind in the 63rd Century when Carol and Bart returned home, but she appears to have made it back to her home era (Teen Titans/Legion Special, 2004).

It was recently revealed that Meloni had another son, Owen, with a time-lost (and amnesiac) Captain Boomerang. Little else is known: did they meet before her marriage, or after Don’s death? How did he return to his own time period? How and why was Owen taken to his father’s century?

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Primary Sources

  • “Reunion” and “You and Me Against the World” - Impulse #24–25 (April–May 1997), Mark Waid


  • Impulse #24 (April 1997) - Humberto Ramos and Wayne Faucher

Significant Appearances

  • Impulse #23–25 (March–May 1997): “Lessons Learned,” “Reunion,” and “You and Me Against the World,” Mark Waid
  • Impulse #45 (February 1999): “The Christmas Impulse,” William Messner-Loebs
  • Impulse #73–75 (June–August 2001): “Dark Tomorrow,” Todd Dezago
  • Impulse #88 (September 2002): “Running Out of Time,” Todd Dezago
  • Teen Titans/Legion Special (November 2004): “Superboy and the Legion, Part Two,” Mark Waid & Geoff Johns
  • Flash #224 (September 2005): “Rogue War, Chapter 5,” Geoff Johns (cameo)

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