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[The Kilg%re in humanoid form]
Appearance: Variable, usually mechanoid
Base of Operations: Earth’s electrical infrastructure
First Appearance: Flash v.2 #3 (August 1987)

[The Kilg%re] An electro-mechano-organic lifeform requiring electrical energy to survive, the Kilg%re launched itself into space after consuming its home planet in the Pleiades cluster. It was placed in limbo during an attack by a being known as the Meta#sker, then accidentally let free on Earth by the third Flash.

The Kilg%re immediately took hold of the nearest electrical system and exhibited a complete control over metal and circuitry, soon taking over the entire North American continent and demanding human evacuation—or elimination. Only a complete worldwide power shutdown was able to stop the Kilg%re, as it apparently died.

The Kilg%re regained consciousness after its circuits were used in an artificial intelligence project at Central City University. It decided that instead of eliminating humans, it would fake its death and simply remain in the background, observing the world from beneath the surface. It started by taking over the project scientists (with the exception of Dr. Tina McGee). It then impersonated the spirit of an 800-year-old Irish bard, Seamus O’Relkig, as it intermittently possessed Linda Park. Finally, it staged a battle with the Flash in which “Seamus” apparently destroyed the Kilg%re. Wally saw through the ruse, and the Kilg%re gave him a “gift”—a small metal capsule that, when he was shot a few weeks later, repaired his heart and saved his life.

The Kilg%re has not been seen since*, but rest assured: it is out there. Certainly the Internet has turned our world into an even more perfect home than it was at the time of the Kilg%re’s arrival.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • Humanoid: Who’s Who (loose-leaf edition) #10 (June 1991) - Greg LaRocque
  • Mech: Flash (second series) #4 (September 1987) - Jackson Guide and Larry Mahlstedt


  • Who’s Who Update ’87 #3 (October 1987)
  • Who’s Who (loose-leaf edition) #10 (June 1991)

Significant Appearances

  • Flash #3–4 (August–September 1987): “Kill the Kilg%re,” Mike Baron
  • (Seamus): Flash #38–39 (May–June 1990): “Running on the Edge” and “The End of Everything,” William Messner-Loebs
  • (Seamus): Flash #40–41 (July–August 1990): “Philosopher’s Stone” and “Elemental Conflict,” William Messner-Loebs
  • Flash #42–43 (September–October 1990): “Night of the Mechanical Zombies,” William Messner-Loebs
  • Flash #50 (May 1991): “The Fastest Man—Alive!” William Messner-Loebs

*Note: in early issues of Justice League International (1987–1988) a machine intelligence was controlling the League’s sponsor, Maxwell Lord. This was later revealed (Justice League America Annual #9, 1995) to be the Kilg%re. Late in this series (roughly 1996), Max died and the Kilg%re brought him back to life as a cyborg. (Thanks to David Kennedy for the info.) It has not been revealed how Max regained his human body, though we can probably assume it was one of Superboy-Prime’s continuity punches.

The Kilg%re also appeared briefly in Joker’s Last Laugh #4 (2001).

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