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Base of Operations: 70th-Century Earth
Occupation: Would-be Conqueror
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
First Appearance: Flash Comics Miniature Edition (1946)
Created By: Gardner Fox and Irwin Hasen

In a future made wealthy and peaceful by magnetic power, Dmane turned the technology to a darker use. He attempted to take control of the world. Dmane was defeated, put on trial, and scheduled to be executed by disintegration in the year 6946.

A time travel experiment by Jay Garrick snatched him from his own time moments before his execution, bringing him to 1946. Dmane told his unintended benefactor who he was, and the scientist tried to send him back. Dmane immediately destroyed the time machine and set about using magnetic power to conquer the world of the past.

Dmane ran amok only briefly, and was foiled by the Flash when the hero realized he needed to remain in contact with the Earth to use his power. The Flash then carried the criminal forward in time, dropping him off at the precise moment he disappeared—just in time to be executed.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • Flash Comics Miniature Edition (1946) - Irwin Hasen

Golden Age Appearances

  • Flash Comics Miniature Edition (1946): “The Criminal From Tomorrow,” Gardner Fox

No further appearances.


The Flash Comics Miniature Edition was an all-newsprint promotional book that was taped to boxes of Wheaties cereal.

And no, I don’t know how to pronounce his name.

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