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[Neron approaches the villains of the DCU]
Occupation: Devil
Base of Operations: Hell
First Appearance: Underworld Unleashed #1 (November 1995)

It is unknown how long Neron has been a power in Hell, nor just how much power he wields there. It is said his name was the numerological source for 666, the “number of the Beast.” Neron’s greatest strength and joy is his ability to know exactly what someone wants the most. He cannot resist a deal, and it is this which first brought him to the attention of Earth’s superhero community.

Setting himself the goal of corrupting the most pure soul of any super-being, Neron began his plan by approaching five high-caliber villains to act as his “lieutenants:” Abra Kadabra, Lex Luthor, Circe, Polaris, and the Joker. He then sent Kadabra to contact five members of the Flash’s Rogues’ Gallery: Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, and Weather Wizard. Promising a chance to be remembered “as the most infamous villains of their age,” Neron sent them on an errand of destruction that claimed their lives as they set in motion a plan in which Neron obtained the souls of many villains—and heroes as well—before he was ultimately defeated by the Trickster, who had somehow managed not to owe Neron a thing.

Later, in a plot to steal Wally West and Linda Park’s love, thereby removing the Flash’s anchor to reality and opening a door to excessive power, Neron sent the five Rogues back to Earth without their souls, making them ruthless killers—the only way the Flash could defeat them to bargain for their souls with what he had himself. Fortunately for Wally, Linda, and the world, their love corrupted Neron, turning him “nice,” and he was forced to return it.

Neron has since battled various heroes, stormed Heaven, killed Wonder Woman, and continues to seek revenge on the Trickster. An attempt to manipulate events so that he could simply reach out and take souls, rather than dealing for them, caused him to be stripped of his status, demoted to a rhyming demon. (Day of Judgment, 1999) At present, Neron is trapped in Dr. Fate’s tower, tricked there and bound by Ralph Dibny. (52 #42, 2007)

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

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Significant Flash Appearances

  • Underworld Unleashed (November–December 1995), Mark Waid
  • Flash #107 (November 1995): “Fade to Black,” Mark Waid
  • Flash #127–129 (July–September 1997): “Hell To Pay,” Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
  • New Year’s Evil: The Rogues (February 1998): “Men & Gods,” Brian Augustyn

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