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Cults that have focused on speed, or that have operated in the Central/Keystone City area.


Early in the twentieth century, the man who would become Cicada killed his wife, then sought his own death but was struck by lightning. Able to transfer life force from one person to another, he collected followers, preparing for the day he could resurrect his wife. When he learned of the Flash, he saw a kindred spirit, and decided the Flash had been saving lives so that he could take them. In a twisted way, his followers worship the Flash (a standard leave-taking is “Flash be with you”), but they would die for Cicada.

Base: Keystone City
Status: Cicada himself is imprisoned. Those followers who were present at his capture are dead. It is not clear whether anyone save Magenta survived.
Followers: Magenta

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Celestial Enlightenment Ranch

Based on the teachings of the ancient Atlantean priest, Llar-Twnakc, channeled by Lila McGrath. A spiritual retreat, the Center for Advanced Life Enhancement focused on new-age–style self-improvement and abandoning reason. The movement turned out to be a scam, designed by McGrath and her partner to separate gullible people from their money. Flash III was taken in briefly, and the scam was exposed through the efforts of the Flash, Wizened Sage, Linda Park, and the Kilg%re.

Base: Just outside Central City
Status: Exposed as a fraud.
Followers: Wally West (briefly)

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The Cobra Cult has long believed in the prophecy of a leader who would guide them through the Kali Yuga, the age in which Chaos would finally defeat Order. The infant who would become Kobra was selected according to this prophecy, and trained to conquer the world.

Base: India
Status: Deceased. The cult, however, probably survives.
Followers: Christina “Lady Kobra”

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The Rag Doll

Contortionist and thief who ran an operation in Keystone City during the 1940s. In his old age, his health failing him, his ramblings of revenge attracted followers, and a cult grew around him in Opal City. After sending his followers on a rampage of destruction, he was captured by the JSA and believed killed. His followers rescued him, and he was eventually rejuvanated by Neron.

Base: Opal City
Status: The Rag Doll remains at large. Followers’ status is unknown.

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Cold war–era test pilot who brushed up against the speed force and devoted his life to studying its power. A confrontation with Max Mercury and Johnny Quick launched him decades into the future, when he returned and discovered his cult had grown in his absence. On consolidating his power, he began diverting all speed to his own army, bringing him to the attention of the super-speed heroes.

Base: Remote mountains in either the Balkans, Tibet, or South America
Status: Deceased. For a time, Christina led his followers, though their current status is unknown.
Followers: Christina “Lady Savitar”

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