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Alter Ego: Lord Naga
Occupation: Conqueror
Known Relatives: Jason Burr (brother, deceased)
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
First Appearance: Kobra #1 (February–March 1976)

A key prophecy of the India-based Cobra Cult concerns the birth of a man who would lead them and the world through the Kali Yuga, the fourth age of the world in which the forces of Chaos would win against those of Order. This savior was to be one of a pair of siamese twins. A vacationing American couple gave birth to conjoined twins in New Delhi, then had the twins surgically separated. The cult kidnapped one of the infants and began training him to conquer the world.

As an adult, Kobra began setting in motion his plans for world domination. His initial plans were defeated when U.S. intelligence discovered that his brother, Jason Burr, shared a psychic link with him. Kobra ultimately killed Jason, but his spirit still speaks to Kobra from time to time, or perhaps Kobra’s own conscience speaks to him in the guise of Jason. Either way, the voice is generally ignored, as Kobra has been extremely ruthless in his schemes.

A master tactician, with access to a wealth of resources and a considerable army of loyal followers, Kobra’s many schemes have been only narrowly averted by various superheroes. One of his recent schemes involved tapping the natural resources in the area of Keystone City. His secrecy was threatened by new reporter Linda Park; attempting to eliminate her, however, brought him to the Flash’s attention, and the actions of Impulse forced Kobra to move up his timetable. As an earthquake was triggered in Keystone, Kobra’s forces began to strike around the world; the key battle was won by the Flash and Linda, with aid from all the speedsters and the Pied Piper. Kobra has continued to hold a vendetta against Linda Park.

Recently, Kobra was killed in combat with Atom Smasher of the JSA (JSA #51, 2003).

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Top of Page Art

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Significant Flash Appearances

  • Flash #92–94 (July–September 1994): “Reckless Youth,” Mark Waid
  • Flash #95–100 (November 1994–April 1995): “Terminal Velocity,” Mark Waid
  • Flash #124 (April 1997): “Quicker Than the Eye,” Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn (cameo)
  • Flash #142 (October 1998): “Get Me To The Church On Time,” Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
  • Flash #160 (May 2000): “Honeymoon on the Run,” Brian Augustyn


Thanks to Robert Beaver for the information about Kobra’s death.

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