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[Double Down]
Real Name: Jeremy Tell
Known Relatives: none
Former Occupation: Con man
Base of Operations: Keystone City, Kansas
First Appearance: Flash: Iron Heights (2001)
Created By: Geoff Johns and Ethan van Sciver

“After a losing streak at the Flying Pig Casino, Tell murdered a willing gambler in the parking lot. A deck of cards in the man’s jacket flew out at Tell. The cards burrowed into his skin. Becoming his skin” (Flash #210). According to Tell, the cards are cursed. Whatever the reason, he can peel them off and launch them, controlling their movement with his mind. Flat, they can cover anything. Edge-on, they’re razor-sharp and deadly.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • Flash: Iron Heights (2001) - Ethan van Sciver and Prentis Rollins

Significant Appearances

  • Flash: Iron Heights (2001), Geoff Johns
  • Flash #192 (January 2003): “Run Riot Part 1: Awakened,” Geoff Johns
  • Flash #193 (February 2003): “Run Riot Part 2: On the Run,” Geoff Johns
  • Flash #210 (July 2004): “Reconnected,” Geoff Johns
  • Flash #217 (February 2005): “Post-Crisis,” Geoff Johns (cameo)
  • Flash #222–223 (July–August 2005): “Rogue War, Chapters 3–4,” Geoff Johns