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[Mr. Element II]
Real Name: Alexander Petrov
Occupation: Police Scientist
Hair: Black
Eyes: Unknown (always behind sunglasses or goggles)
Base of Operations: Keystone City, Kansas
First Appearance: Flash v.2 #202 (November 2003)
See Also: Mr. Element I, KCPD

[Petrov] Frustrated by his station as lab assistant in the Keystone City Police crime lab, Alexander Petrov devised a way to arrange for a promotion. He stole Mr. Element’s weapon from the evidence lock-up, then killed his mentor by freezing him with ice. Promoted to head of the lab, exhilarated by his success and his secret, he continued killing more police, focusing on those whose intelligence matched his. To keep his identity secret he not only donned a gas mask and the Mr. Element name, but he always used ice effects, and planted evidence to frame Captain Cold for the murders.

Mr. Element encountered the Flash as he was preparing to kill rogue profiler Ashley Zolomon—who was already on his list, but had walked in on him putting on the mask. The Flash defeated him, at which point Captain Cold arrived, froze the Flash in place, and killed Petrov in revenge for the frame.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Primary Sources

  • “Ignition Part 6: Up to Speed” - Flash (second series) #206 (March 2004), Geoff Johns


  • Mr. Element: Flash #205 (February 2004) - Alberto Dose
  • Petrov: Flash #204 (January 2004) - Alberto Dose

Significant Appearances

  • Flash #202–206 (November 2003–March 2004): “Ignition Parts 2–6,” Geoff Johns

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