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Real Name: Lashawn Baez
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Known Relatives: Tomas (father, deceased)
Former Occupation: Grad student, Central City Medical School
Base of Operations: Central City, Missouri
First Appearance: Flash v.2 #180 (January 2002)

When medical student Lashawn Baez’ father Tomas needed a kidney transplant, she tried to donate hers. The operation failed. Around this time her latent teleportation powers surfaced. She planned to become a super-hero, even designing a costume, but decided she should first use her powers to find a matching kidney for her father. Unfortunately, her power was still unstable, and could be set off by a touch, causing an implosion where she disappeared—and nearly killing the surgeon from whom she stole the kidney. The Flash and Cyborg stopped her and returned the kidney...and of course, the only thing the police could do was send her to Iron Heights.

The Flash tried repeatedly to intercede on her behalf, but the warden insisted on taking the hard-line stance, going so far as to drug her whenever anyone outside came to interview her. Baez escaped from prison with the rest of the Rogues, embittered by her incarceration. The last time she encountered the Flash, when she tried to visit her father in the hospital, she revealed to him that she had planned to be a hero, until he and the city labeled her a Rogue.

Peek-a-boo has stayed away from the law so far, but has not resorted to crime (except perhaps negligence). It remains to be seen whether she will be able to turn her life around.

You can’t see it in this picture, but she has a winking smiley face on her jacket.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • Flash (second series) #180 (January 2002) - Scott Kolins & Doug Hazlewood

Significant Appearances

  • Flash #180 (January 2002): “Peek-a-Boo,” Geoff Johns
  • Flash #192 (January 2003): “Run Riot Part 1: Awakened,” Geoff Johns
  • Flash #196 (May 2003): “Helpless,” Geoff Johns