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Real Name: Neil Borman
Hair: None
Eyes: Glowing
Known Relatives: Victoria (wife, deceased), Johnny (son, deceased)
Occupation: Power generator
Former Occupation: Mason
Base of Operations: Keystone City, Kansas
First Appearance: Flash: Iron Heights (2001)

The tale of former mason Neil Borman is a sad one. He and his team were hired to do some additional work on a nuclear power plant they had helped construct. An explosion destroyed the floor they were working on, and they fell into the reactor’s cooling system. His co-workers died, but Neil was transformed into a walking reactor core.

Confused, Neil went to the wife and son he had brought along for a tour, not knowing he was putting out enough radiation to kill them instantly. Once he realized he had killed them, he turned himself in.

At that point the record becomes hazy, mainly because someone erased it. He was taken to Iron Heights for holding, but instead of building a radiation-proof cell, they placed him in the generator room, hooking him up to the prison’s power grid. “Fallout” was trapped, in constant pain, and forgotten.

When a deadly virus broke out in the prison, many of its excesses were discovered by the Flash. He didn’t have time to investigate immediately, but notified the authorities. The prison’s warden anticipated their visit, and had Fallout removed for the day. Fallout took the opportunity to escape, heading for his family’s graves.

The Flash made a deal with Fallout to prevent any further deaths. At the very least he had to be quarantined, and needed a way to release his energy safely. S.T.A.R. Labs rigged up an isolation chamber with modified solar panels and the trappings of a normal room. Fallout is again powering Iron Heights, but at least he’s no longer in pain, and has regained at least some human dignity.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • Flash (second series) #181 (February 2002) - Scott Kolins & Doug Hazlewood

Significant Appearances

  • Flash: Iron Heights (2001), Geoff Johns
  • Flash #180 (January 2002): “Peek-a-Boo,” Geoff Johns
  • Flash #181 (February 2002): “Fallout,” Geoff Johns
  • Flash #193 (February 2003): “Run Riot Part 2: On the Run,” Geoff Johns
  • Flash #208 (May 2004): “The Red Carpet,” Geoff Johns

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