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[Osarian - the Combine’s alien liaison]
Occupation: Organization of weapons dealers
Base of Operations: Outer space
First Appearance: Flash v.2 #74 (March 1993)

The Combine is one of the largest weapons dealers in this part of the galaxy. Their usual method when moving in on a new planet is to use mostly local operatives; hence when they decided to form a presence on Earth, specifically Keystone City, they formed a criminal organization of primarily humans and attempted to displace the existing mob.

The Combine first appeared to be a rival mob moving in on new territory (Flash #74). Over the next few weeks, they began using more advanced weaponry, sonic weapons, teleportation, and force fields as they attempted to eliminate an obstacle to their plans: the Flash. Eventually the Flash’s continued activities made Keystone City “unprofitable,” and they decided to pull out, covering their exit with a time bomb that would have leveled a square mile of the city had it not been found and defused (Flash v.2 #83, 1993).

Eventually, a crisis brought Earth’s Darkstar, Ferrin Colos, to Keystone just in time for a Combine assault. During this attack, the Combine’s true objectives on Earth were revealed: they had chosen Earth as a testing ground for their weapons—“working out the bugs before putting them on the galactic market.” By the end of the confrontation, the Combine’s presence on Earth was effectively destroyed, though their clients, the Syndicate, remained for a while longer before being driven out by another rival organization (Darkstars #18–19, 1994)

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • Osarian - Flash (second series) #76 (May 1993) - Greg LaRocque & Roy Richardson

Significant Appearances

  • Flash #74–76 (March–May 1993): “The Return of Barry Allen Parts 1–3,” Mark Waid
  • Flash Annual 6 (1993): “Undercover Angel (Bloodlines: Outbreak),” Mark Waid
  • Flash #81–83 (September–October 1993): “Back on Track Parts 2–4,” Mark Waid
  • Flash #86 (January 1994): “Rival Forces,” Mark Waid
  • Darkstars #18–19 (March–April 1994): “Eve of Destruction Parts 1–2,” Michael Jan Friedman


In Flash v.2 #228 (2005), the Flash mentions a weapons-smuggling ring that operated in Keystone using alien technology. When he shut them down, their weapons were stored in the Flash Museum. He calls them “The Refugees,” but the description sounds like the Combine.

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